Make Plans, Not Resolutions

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Sheila Kalas

So, you made a resolution to workout, to lose weight, to be healthier. Good for you. Now, how do you keep it? As a rule, I don’t like resolutions. They set most of us up for failure. What I do like is a plan – a plan that has time and thought behind it, as well as consideration of who you really are and what you will really do.

Plans for better health and fitness can be made at the beginning of the year, but they are different than resolutions. So, have you made a plan? If you are realizing that you have not made a plan, but just a resolution, then this is time to change it.

First, identify where you want to go and where you are. Here you have to be honest with yourself. If you want to be 20 pounds lighter, but have never been that weight in your life, you should reconsider. Where you want to be should be a realistic goal, not a pie in the sky idea.

Next you have to identify where you are. Again, be realistic and truthful. If you hate exercise and love French fries, be honest. Put all your vices out there on the table and then you can make a plan to attack them one at a time. There is no pile of obstacles too big to overcome, but a plan to do this is crucial. If you look at the changes you have to make as a big pile that must be dealt with as a whole, you will be overwhelmed and quit before you start.

Next, formulate the plan, then implement the plan.

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