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Dan Dickson

A collection of fitness-oriented businesses find critical mass in National Avenue area

Leigh-Ann Mims of Elle Fitness. PHOTO BY EMILY MOSELEY

While we see more Kentuckians walking, running and generally exercising, statistics show, unfortunately, that we, as a state, are simply getting fatter by the year.

But a group of small business owners in one emerging Lexington neighborhood is doing its part to give us more exercise options in a one-stop location — and hoping we’ll take advantage of them.

Greg Walker, along with his father and brother, operates Walker Properties, a Lexington development company. They are working with tenants and perspective tenants to design and build customized business spaces that fit their needs. One target area of Lexington for his company is along National Avenue, Walton Avenue and North Ashland Avenue, close to Lexington’s Kenwick and Mentelle neighborhoods.

“We are trying to listen to what everyone tells us they want from a business point of view, but also what the neighborhoods say,” explained Walker. “We want it to benefit them, us and the tenants as a community.”

In that area, a group of six fitness-related businesses have opened or are about to open:

• CrossFit Maximus, a personal workout center, offers fitness and strength training, a high-intensity boot camp, massage and, maybe not surprising, chiropractic care. The new location is its second in Lexington, with its first center located on Palumbo Drive.

• Fitness Plus is a personal fitness center “plus” more — namely, wellness care. The business recently moved to this larger space.

• Personal Best is another fitness business, providing personal and group training. It recently moved into what Walker calls “a customized fit-up.”

• Swim Bike Run of Kentucky is just what it says — all three activities — and more. They work to give clients the training and mental strength to accomplish their athletic goals.

• Hybrid Martial Arts is in a customized renovation space and offers many of the disciplines in the martial arts for both children and adults.

• And finally, there is Elle Fitness. Among other things, it promises to help new mothers “get their body back” with a program called BarreAmped Baby Shake Off.

“It is by design that we are trying to develop a community of businesses that work together,” explained Walker. “But I don’t think we intentionally went out to recruit fitness-oriented businesses. They just seem to be around each other.”

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