Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

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Harriett Rose

It’s a frequently asked question, and my frequently relied-on answer is that they come from what’s going on around me – in town, in the newspaper, from something I’ve heard on TV, from just participating in life. What’s on TV now is an explanation of what went right or wrong in the recent election. I don’t know what to say about that question. I’m tired of the subject and I’ll bet you are too.

There are numerous note pads in my office with reminders for all sort of things, including subjects to write about, places to go, things I need, people to remember at Christmas and how to do it, books I mean to read, and stuff like that that I don’t want to forget. Of late, I am finding myself apt to forget.

Even when I’m at the computer, the TV is on in the living room and with one ear I hear it – especially the commercials with the raised level of volume. I’m willing to listen in order to pay for TV (as if I didn’t pay a monthly charge), but I am not willing to get up and answer my doorbell, which sounds just like the bell on the commercial. That’s a new irritation, but apparently the station has sold a number of spots and I have answered a number of doorbells, only to find nobody there.

When I was driving, I had the same complaint with radio ads that contained horns blowing. I assumed someone was blowing at me, so I was distracted. Also, I pulled over in response to sirens on the radio – sounded to get my attention to a commercial for something I wouldn’t buy under any circumstances.

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