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Robbie Clark

Owner of new Chevy Chase tattoo studio says attitudes about getting inked have changed

Lucy Begley opened Blotter Ink Tattoos in October.

After tinkering with a few different courses while attending Berea College, Lucy Begley ultimately decided on an art major, but after she left the school and moved back to Lexington, she traded in her paints and paper for ink and skin.

She was drawn to the tattoo industry, and worked at a variety of parlors in town, learning the business and the practice from a number of experienced tattoo artists. But as she became more familiar with the safety and sanitary precautions required of working in a tattoo shop, she realized it was in her, and her clients’, best interest if she was in charge of her own operation.

“The more I started to learn about the industry, the more I realized the importance of the medical aspect. I felt like the shops I had been at weren’t taking things seriously enough,” she said. “The only way I can guarantee my protection and my clients’ was to have my own space.”

Begley was interested in a retail location in Chevy Chase along Tates Creek Road near Chevy Chase Hardware and Morris Book Shop, and after reworking the space to fit her studio’s needs, Blotter Ink Tattoos opened its doors in late October.

She said the location, which may seem like an unlikely spot for a tattoo shop, has a lot of advantages.

“Basically, we’re right downtown,” Begley said. “There are so many events that go on right here, it’s a very art-focused area. I like the neighborhood. It’s really nice, and there’s always foot traffic, and there’s a lot of new businesses opening here too. I wanted to jump on that bandwagon.”

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