Council Report: H-1 and Holiday Happenings

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Bill Farmer, Jr.

It is time again for the 5th District to come together as a whole to discuss the many goings-on in our neighborhoods and in city government. Please mark your calendars for Jan. 8, 2013, and plan to come with questions you have for Mayor Jim Gray, our fine police representatives and, of course, the 5th District office. The meeting will take place at Henry Clay High School in the Clyde T. Lassiter Theater from 6 – 8 p.m. All suggestions for topics of interest and concern are welcome. Come early to meet and greet your neighbors and for light refreshments.

H-1 Overlay in Ashland Park

Recently I have worked to schedule when the council hearing of the H-1 overlay proposal can be set. The council has 90 days to act on the Planning Commission’s recommendation. If the council fails to act, the H-1 as passed by the Planning Commission will go into effect.

The council hearing on the matter could have the same outcome, could be passed with the boundary modified or – with at least eight votes against – could be turned down. The potential hearing date seems to me to be Tuesday, Jan. 22. Now that’s just my prognostication based on the calendar.

As of press time, the soonest the council could set the public hearing date – given notice requirements – appears to be Thursday, Dec. 13. As if trying to have such a meeting in mid-December wouldn’t be challenging enough, the last council meeting is set for Dec. 11. So the 30-day notice requirement would run longer than the scheduled council term. Turning to the new and reenergized council for the meeting seems best.

After a conversation with the vice mayor, the early opinion is that having the hearing during the first week of the new term might be a bit hectic for all involved. With that in mind, Jan. 22 looks like a good option. The presentations during Work Session can be kept to a minimum and all staff work and notifications for the hearing can happen in a timely fashion.

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