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Natalie Voss

New Romany Road fitness facility specializes in customer convenience

Dawn Scott (left) and Christy Williams opened FIT on Romany Road this fall. PHOTO BY ROBBIE CLARK

Lots of people have told Dawn Scott that they thought the building at 342 Romany Rd. should be a gym. In addition to its ideal location to Christ the King School, and Cassidy Elementary and Morton Middle schools, the building’s airy, bright feel struck Scott as the perfect fit for exactly that.

Scott, whose husband co-owns Suggins Bar and Grill and The Tulip Bistro and Bar across the street, said she dreamed for years of opening her own small gym, and had always admired the building. Together with business partner Christy Williams, Scott opened FIT earlier this year.

FIT’s goal isn’t to have every piece of equipment available crammed into one place. Instead of 20 different types of weight-lifting machines, FIT focuses on stationary bicycles, treadmills and a mirrored studio space that allows instructors to focus on fun, energizing group fitness classes.

The exercise bikes are a particular source of pride for Scott and Williams. They are Relay Fitness Evo bikes, which can unlock and sway side to side 10 degrees in each direction to simulate the feel of a moving bicycle, and to stimulate core muscles in a similar way.

In addition to combined cycling classes along with ab workouts and toning classes, FIT offers yoga, barbell and TRX circuit classes. TRX is a total body fitness program, and uses students’ body weight and gravity to develop strength, flexibility, balance and core stability.

Scott’s vision was to create a fitness studio that offers a variety of classes so customers can change their workout to keep interested. In addition, she wanted to offer customers the convenience of reserving their bikes for cycling classes on-line so they could easily fit a workout into their busy schedules.

Scott was a cheerleader in high school, which instilled a passion for keeping fit that has stuck with her. In fact, her idea for FIT was born when she began taking spinning classes at a local gym.

“You would have to get there an hour before the class, and they would have a sign-up sheet on a piece of paper, so you’d have to get there an hour before to make sure you got a bike,” she said “My kids would be stuck there forever.”

Sometimes, she says, she wouldn’t get a bike at all.

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